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3 Dec 2016 0

Nurturing relationships with customers and treating them as individuals rather than numbers is a crucial part of growing successful small business. In this age of automation caring for your clients and providing good customer service have never been more important.

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back, sending them away happy and getting positive client feedback. One of the most important elements for achieving excellent customer service is THE FOLLOW-UP. There are different ways to do it: by email, phone, survey…

I found it very smart when my dentist sent me a mobile text to confirm my next appointment and reminder for my semi-annual appointment. She also called me few days after my treatment to know how I feel. I thought “hum, she cares about my health”.

She doesn’t only provide a very good service, she also does a followup!

My massage therapist sent me recently a greeting card. The personal touch makes it an ideal medium for connecting with me on an emotional level. I was pleasantly surprised by the effort he made to personalize the card. It’s a good business strategy for boosting customer loyalty.

Customers who feel that you have a vested interest in them and their lives are more likely to become loyal to your brand.

My hairdresser sent me a link to ask for a review by using Google map app few hours after providing me a service. She knows that positive online reviews influence buying decisions. Most of internet searches are done through Google and when a potential customer searches for your business with Google, your ratings are displayed on the results page.

Once you’ve identified your happy customers, don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. Don’t wait too long , they are more likely to give you feedback right away. 

You, Small and mid-business, need repeat clients to survive. To achieve this, you need to offer excellent customer service. Satisfied customers remain loyal to you and recommend you to others

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